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What we do

Rightio is a nationwide home maintenance provider, qualified in all aspects of plumbing, heating, boiler, electric, lock and drainage work. We believe in looking after our customers’ homes, delivering the very best possible service and putting peace of mind at the heart of everything we do.

From humble beginnings as a two-man team, Rightio has grown rapidly to become one of the busiest and most respected home repair companies in the UK. With a nationwide network of highly skilled engineers, and first-class support staff at the Head Office, Rightio is the number one choice for customers who need their home maintenance done right first time.

Our cultures and values

In an industry where other tradesmen cut corners, Rightio are committed to doing things right by our customers, and using only the very best engineers and staff, with the right qualifications and a positive attitude you can always rely on.

The rewarding feeling gained from providing the peace of mind that Rightio offers customers, and the gratitude we receive from them in return, is why our employees are truly proud to be part of this well-oiled machine. Every day, everyone pulls together to deliver the superb service that we’re known for, empathising with our customers and dedicating themselves to their complete satisfaction.

Despite how much we’ve grown, there’s still a strong atmosphere of family and teamwork which really makes Rightio a wonderful place to work. You only need to browse through some of the thousands of positive online reviews, letters and telephone calls received from our thankful customers, to know that the service we provide is valued and appreciated, and we’re proud to say that this is down to the hard work of our indispensable engineers and staff!

What drives us

  1. Be the best that you can be
    If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.
  2. Take responsibility
    If it is to be, it’s down to me.
  3. Be professional
    What we do, we do well.
  4. Be empathetic
    Treat people how you want to be treated.

Find your calling

Whether you’re a recent graduate looking to gain their first experience in an office-based environment, or a qualified engineer who wants a steady flow of customers, and a job for life – we are the right place for you.

We cannot achieve our business aspirations without the help of motivated, responsible and dedicated individuals. At Rightio we are looking for that spark of imagination, which makes you an excellent problem-solver, the signature smile, indicating a positive attitude, and the innate curiosity, which helps you find the answers to our customer’s queries. If this sounds like you then we’re certain – there is a bright and rewarding future for you at Rigthio.

Training & skills you could learn

Rightio doesn’t just employ people to work, we equip people with a variety of transferable skills, which can be used in the various paths of life. Working at Rightio allows for career progression, and our leaders are always available to discuss your ambitions and map the way to achieving them.

Meet the Rightio family

Rightio’s headquarters are located in Birmingham, in the heart of the UK. From here our Acquisitions, Quotes, Logistics, Customer Services and Care Club teams reach out to hundreds of households across the country, and connect them with reliable, local engineers, ready to help.

Our Trigate offices are also home to the Accounts, IT and Marketing teams, and the director board, so if you’re working here you’ll really have the chance to meet everyone.

We’re proud to say we’ve got a nationwide network of directly employed and partner engineers, located around the UK, allowing us to attend breakdowns even in the farthest parts of the country.

Rightio and Street League

Helping young people into securing employment, and learning vital skills for their professional development is one of Rightio’s main goals as a proud UK employer. In this task we are aided by Street League - a youth sports charity, which supports unemployed 16-24-year-olds to move into employment using the power of sport.

Street League use football and other sports to engage with young people, as well as teach them the key life and work skills they need to move into sustainable employment. Their award-winning programmes operate in 14 cities and 38 local communities in England and Scotland.

Rightio are proud to aid this program in Birmingham, and offer job opportunities to young people who are the future of our community. Each year we employ a number of people from Street League, and watch them grow into confident, professional, and highly-qualified individuals, prepared to face the world and make the most of their career.

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Customer Service
glassdoor stars

Current Employee:
I have been working at Rightio full-time for more than 5 years.

Good progression if you're willing to be hard-working, commited, and take on board feedback. Great atmosphere, all working towards the same goal, everyone gets along with each other regardless of where you work. Incentives are given to everyone who achieve targets - no one is left out. Managers listen, and are motivating. Get to vote for who we think deserves employee of the month. 40 hour contracts for full time staff - a lot of places do zero hours / part-time contracts so you have security of a set wage each month.

Acquisitions Agent
Great place to work
glassdoor stars

Current Employee:
I have been working at Rightio full-time for more than a year.

Just as in any business there are good and not so good characters. The management team have got rid of most if not all of the apples and this can often be seen by the bitter and twisted reviews by ex-employees. My advice to you my friends is just leave it, move on and get a life. For the majority of staff working here it's a great place to work, no day is the same and when you get it right for customers it makes everything worthwhile.

Acquisitions Agent
Very happy to work here
glassdoor stars

Current Employee:
I have been working at Rightio full-time for more than a year.

I'm quite new to Rightio but I can already tell it's a great place to work. It can be challenging, dealing with customer's problems, but it's a great feeling when we have solved a problem for the customer. I had training and everyone I've spoken to at the company from my colleagues to senior management, all are friendly and approachable.

Shifts can be changed at short notice sometimes, but not usually