What is Gas Safety Week?

Every year in September Gas Safe Register hold an awareness week for ‘Gas Safety’ where people within the gas industry and the public get involved in various awareness exercises and activities to promote safety in the industry.

Obviously, with ourselves being registered with the Gas Safety Register, we wanted to get involved too and help the nation be more aware of the risks and dangers of gas appliances within the home.

There are three main areas in the home where gas is used:

  • A boiler for central heating and hot water
  • Cookers
  • Gas fires

When something goes faulty it doesn’t necessarily give off an odour so you are at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be fatal. Here are some tips to ensure that your home is safe:

  • Get a carbon monoxide detector for your home and place it near a gas appliance make sure you test it regularly.
  • Get an annual boiler check and service with a Gas Safe registered engineer, like one of ours at Rightio. Make sure they have their ID card.
  • Get your gas appliances checked regularly with a Gas Safe registered engineer.
  • Check for the warning signs that your appliance isn’t working properly for example black stains around the appliance and lazy yellow flames instead of crisp blue ones.

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For more information, check out these really helpful videos from Gas Safety Register: https://www.youtube.com/user/GasSafeRegister

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