Engineer Pay Scheme

Want the security of a salary but the flexibility to determine your own earnings? Rightio's pay scheme gives you the best of both!

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Receive a base salary:
Giving you security and a guaranteed wage for periods of holiday, training etc.

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22.5% of all revenue generated from jobs you complete goes into your personal 'Share Pot' The more jobs you complete, the higher your personal Share Pot.

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At the end of the month, if your personal Share Pot is higher than your base salary - that is what you get paid. If your Share Pot hasn't exceeded the base salary, you are paid the base.

How much can I expect to earn?

Try our handy calculator to work out your potential earnings as a Rightio engineer


Example earnings are based on:

Average revenue for jobs completed by engineers on this scheme typically range from £190-£340 per job.

Our current engineer earnings

EngineersAverage Price Per JobAverage Jobs Completed Per DayMonthly Share PotAnnual Share Pot
Engineer A£3423£5,078£60,944
Engineer B£2633.5£4,556£54,677
Engineer C£2134£4,217£50,608
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