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Fast and efficient response to protect the reputation of the heating controls manufacturer

The Challenge

The client was made aware of potential faults on a batch of its products which had been installed on heating systems in residential properties.  The fault required a replacement part to be fitted if homeowners were affected.  The exact number of parts affected, and the location of those affected across the UK were unknown.

The Solution

Rightio worked closely with the manufacturer to understand the product, the cause of the faults and the potential impact.  Rightio’s technical team put together a process to change the affected part with the minimum of disruption for the homeowner, and at a cost-effective price for the client.

Rightio worked closely with a third-party distribution company to ensure there were sufficient parts available to meet the potential demand, and to ensure that the parts were distributed out to any part of the UK on a next day delivery for Rightio’s engineers to fit.

Rightio’s IT team built a dedicated customer portal for affected customers to book their job and to notify Rightio of the number and type of parts affected, which pre-booked the call-out into Rightio’s Customer Management System. This ensured that the engineer attending the homeowner had the correct quantity and type of part to rectify the issue on a first-time fix. The portal has delivered bespoke reporting for the client to track the number and type of parts affected.

Fast and efficient response to protect the client’s reputation

The Outcome

Rightio’s innovative and flexible approach has allowed the client to manage a highly sensitive process, and to deliver a cost effective solution in order to rectify the issue. In partnering with a third-party logistics company, Rightio has minimised the stock holding requirement of parts on engineer’s vans, while being able to supply parts to any point in the UK within a short time period, ultimately minimising disruption to the homeowner.

Bespoke IT solutions enable the job booking to job completion process to be straightforward and fully traceable, supported by bespoke management reports.