Toilet talks: Why your toilet is more important than you think?

If your home is your castle the toilet is the throne. Learn why it is so important it gets its own World Toilet Day, and why you should be taking care of it

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If your home is your castle the toilet is the throne. It is so important it gets its own World Toilet Day.

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the greatest invention in human history but it should be - the toilet. For hundreds and thousands of years humans did not have access to toilet facilities as we know them today, which sometimes had life-threatening implications.

Even though in the west the access to toilet facilities is now considered completely normal, millions of people around the world still don't have access to toilet and sanitation facilities. Perhaps you're thinking, if the indoors bathroom/toilet has been around for as little as a century or two, why is it such a big problem to not have one, after


This is why having access to clean, easily accessible sanitary facilities is important:

1. It helps prevent the spreading of diseases.

According to the International Labour Organisation disease transmission at the workplace is mostly caused by poor sanitation and hygiene practices, In fact 17% of all workplace deaths are due to these factors. This is why, if you're responsible for the office facilities at your work, hiring the right tradespeople to tend to breakdowns and maintenance is essential.

2. It is a safe space

For a toilet to feel safe, it must be well-build, functional and built in a private safe space. While this is a standard in the West, many people around the globe still have to go outside in the open, which can be especially dangerous at night.

3. It is comfortable

We have evolved from just having a hole in the ground to sitting on a comfortable designed seat in a protected, private environment. Don't be surprised to learn toilet design is definitely a thing, and you can pay a costly sum for owning the best "throne" on the market.

4. Having a room dedicated to cleanliness

Sure, your toilet might not evoke the thoughts of a germ-free, clean facility but the existence of the sink and bathroom have paved the way to reducing diseases, and a healthier society. In fact a simple hand-washing with soap after using the toilet is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to prevent pneumonia and decrease

the risk of diarrhoeal diseases by 47%.

5. It prevents deaths

50% of child undernutrition around the world is caused by diarrhoea, which in turn is caused by unsafe water, poor sanitation and lack of hygiene practices. Living in a comfortable society, it is easy to forget just how important the role of the humble toilet is.

Happy #WorldToiletDay! If your toilet needs urgent repair, don't delay, book a Rightio plumber today.


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