What to Do When You Lose Your Key?

Lost your home or car key? Don't panic! Our guide will help you figure out what to do when you've lost your key - who to call & what to expect.

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Lost keys? With the last year spent mostly in lockdown we bet you haven't had many chances to get yourself out of the house, much else lose your car or home keys. Still, as restrictions are slowly being lifted, you might be getting excited about going out, exploring place and maybe even having a few cheeky drinks - which are all ideal circumstances to drop and/or forget your keys.

Although we certainly do not wish it upon you, it's always better to be prepared - better safe then sorry, as they say.

What to do when you lose your key?

1. Start by Contacting Your Insurance Company

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Whether you've lost your car keys or house keys, if you do have insurance. In the case of lost car keys your insurance might cover a locksmith or even towing service, if the problem can't be resolved on the spot.

If you do have house insurance, and have lost your key, the insurer might also help by sending a qualified locksmith to help you get inside in a safe, minimal-damage way.

2. Do Not Break into Your Home or Car

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This is probably the most important thing Not to do when you lose your keys. Breaking into your vehicle or house might be tempting, especially if you're in a hurry, you're stranded or you have a pack of ice creams that urgently need to reach the freezer. However, as desirable as it might be, you should not break into your vehicle or house, unless it's an absolute emergency, because the costs for repair might be much larger, and sometimes insurance might not cover it.

3. Call a Locksmith & Change the Locks

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You might not think that this is necessary, especially since locks are expensive, but that's one of the main things to do when you lose your key. Whilst you think you have just dropped your key, it could have, in fact, been stolen or you maybe you did drop it, but in close proximity to your front door. All these options make it likely that someone could take advantage and break in, so you're definitely better off investing in a new lock and key.

4. Beware of Locksmithing Scams

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When you're stressed and in a hurry to find a locksmith, you might do a quick Google search. Remember though, not everyone out there has your best in mind. Watch out for companies that accept cash only, so you won't be able to dispute a charge, as well as buying overpriced products on the spot.

Check reviews online - you want to find a company that has a good rating, and tons of reviews. Be suspicious of low ratings (of course) but also of too-perfect ratings, as it's completely normal for an established locksmith service to have faced some criticism over the years.

Finally, do not allow locksmiths to drill or break around your lock, trained, professional locksmiths can unlock just about any lock without forcing it.

Looking for a reputable locksmith- Rightio's locksmiths have at least 5 years of vetted experience.


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