What to do when you get a leak

Not much things worse than a leak in your home. While waiting for your plumber to come and repair the problem, read through our 5 easy steps

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The last thing you need when you are relaxing at home after a hard day's work is a damaged or disconnected pipe which is leaking all over your carpet and surrounding contents.

Therefore, Rightio wants to teach youwhat to do in this situation; so, this is Rightio's guide on 'What to do when you get a Leak'.

First response to a leak

The first thing you should do in case of a leak is to locate the stop top in order to stop the water supply to your property which will stop water passing through your system and therefore limit the damage to your property.

Locating the stop tap

The stop tap can commonly be found in two places; either underneath the kitchen sink or outside the front property on the pavement

Other common places:

  • Under the kitchen sink
  • Kitchen cupboard
  • Bathroom
  • Garage/utility room
  • Cellar
  • Under the stairs

Hint: If you can't locate your stop tap then ask a neighbour as the location will usually remain the same.

Turning the stop tap off

Once you have located the stop tap you will want to turn it clockwise in order to shut the water supply off, however be gentle as the valve may be fragile. If the stop tap is tough and you need a universal stop tap key to turn the stop tap then they can be purchased online or at any popular DIY store.

Hint: If your kitchen is at the back of the property then your stop tap may be located in your garden.

Locate an engineer

When you have successfully turned your water supply off then the leak should come to a stop. Leaks come in all shapes and sizes so if you can repair the leak yourself then it is time to get to work with a good luck from Rightio!

However, if you can't repair the leak yourself and you require a tradesperson to do this for you then simply contact a professional and experienced engineer who will be able to locate and repair your leak whilst cleaning up after.

Turn the stop tap back on

If you are able to repair the leak then in order to turn the stop tap back on simply turn the valve anti-clockwise to open the valve and allow your water supply to flow.

However, if the leak has been repaired by a Rightio engineer then they will turn your stop tap back for you so you will be reconnected to your water supply and can enjoy a hot shower or a lovely cup of tea!


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