Five useful objects every engineer needs in 2020

These five useful objects every engineer needs will make your favourite tradesperson's life easier and help them in unexpected situations.

Sparks Flying on A Cold Day

We all know an engineer who has saved the house and our sanity at least a few times. Or perhaps the engineer in question is part of your immediate family, a relative or a good friend. Whenever your lives first crossed paths it doesn't matter - now they have a special part in your heart, and a quick dial spot on your phone.

Regardless of how good and experienced a tradesperson is, they will never say "no" to a smart gadget, or an innovative tool, which will cut their working time in half. Sometimes, the most useful objects are ones they might not even realise they need until a situation arises. So if you are looking for the perfect gift, whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just to say "thank you", you might want to consider these useful objects every engineer needs (or will need) in the New Year.

Screwdriver and flashlight combo

Engineers often have to work in poorly lit areas, yet their work requires a lot of precision. A clever little invention, this screwdriver has mini-LED lights at the working end of the handle, making every screw perfectly fitted.


It might not sound like an exciting gift until your engineer's van gets a flat tyre on the way to an important job. Fix-a-flat will seal the hole in a flat tyre and fill it enough to safely get to your destination.


No one likes dirty hands when having lunch but it can be inevitable if your job involves filling gaps, painting and attaching elements together. Now there is a real game changer on the market - BIG WIPES have a wide range of cleaning products, which help tradespeople stay clean and keep their skin healthy. The BIG WIPES can clean paint, gap fill, adhesive, oil, PU foam, silicone and grime.

Weatherproof notebook

Many tradespeople have shifted towards modern technology these days but there is nothing like using paper from time to time. One of these notebooks can be small enough to fit in your pocket, yet strong enough to survive in there without falling apart in 4-5 weeks. The useful little notebook promises to survive rain, sweat, mud, snow, oil and grease.

Wallet toolkit

What is an engineer without their tools? This little wallet toolkit is perhaps one of the most perfect gifts for your favourite engineer - even if they forgot a basic tool, they're likely to find it in their wallet.


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