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10 ways to upgrade your bathroom without splashing out on money

Upgrade your bathroom with our ten helpful ideas, without having to spend a small fortune to get the design you want. Read our article for helpful advice.

Renovating your bathroom, can be an easy way to raise the value of your property, without dedicating to a large DIY project. But even a small space like the bathroom can easily cost in the thousands, depending on the scale of the project, and whether bathroom fixtures are moved or replaced.

If you want to give a fresh look to your bathroom but you're on a budget, don't despair, it is still possible. Cheaper materials can give you the same look as their expensive cousins, and a wall in a statement colour could completely change the look of your bathroom.

We have 10 great ideas to help you upgrade your bathroom while on a budget.

How many tiles does a bathroom possibly need?

The answer is - less than you'd expect. Instead of spending your entire budget on expensive tiles only put them around splash points like the shower/bath and sink. If you really love the design of a certain tile but can't afford it, act smart and use it as a statement piece.

Replacing your tiles.

If your bathroom is already covered with tiles but you still want to refresh them, it's a lot cheaper to buy tile boards, which look like laid tiles or sleek stone but are a lot cheaper and easier to install on top of your existing tiles.

In case you want a tile floor, but can't afford it, there is a solution to the problem. Vinyl tiles are an excellent and cheap solution, which can give you the premium tile look minus the cost, and keep your feet warm.

Mirrored plastic instead of glass.

Who knew that mirrored acrylic could be as good as glass, and is also more durable and lighter. Perfect for a family bathroom. The cheaper price will also allow for a bigger mirror, which will ultimately add visual space to your bathroom.

Freshen up the caulk and grout.

You can have a designer bathroom, and if the caulk and grout are dirty, it will automatically be unsightly. Just a bit of scrubbing and fresh caulk can instantly uplift your bathroom.

Change the towels.

Some new towels can really make the difference in your bathroom. Choose them for a pop of colour or to add to the colour scheme. And don't forget to show them, everyone loves the sight of neatly folded bathroom towels.

New bathroom accessories.

If your bathroom is quite neutral in its colouring the easiest way to change the mood is add theme coloured bathroom accessories, such as soap dispensers, toothbrush holders etc. If you have a window in the bathroom a couple of plants could also really add to the interior.

Spend a day painting

Before you decide to add a statement wall, or completely repaint the bathroom, make sure there isn't any mould or mildew on the walls. If this is the case, you'll need to get rid of that before you can start painting. If your walls are dry and clean, make sure to invest in a high quality paint with satin finish, as it helps keep mould away.

Buy a new piece of bathroom furniture.

We don't mean anything expensive, just look around for sales, and add a piece of new furniture to the interior. It can be anything, a new cupboard, an interesting shelf or just a small table to add this extra touch.

Thrift for materials

While wood and granite can be expensive to purchase, sometimes you can find second-hand materials, such as offcuts or reclaimed wood. These will cost you a fraction of the original price, and with a bit of work you can make your countertops catalogue quality.

Update the fixtures

This is a designer trick. In order to completely change the feel of a place, without investing too much, just change the fixtures, such as taps, towel holders and drawer pulls. Just these simple changes can make your bathroom feel entirely different.

Changing the bathroom and looking to do some more serious work such as replacing the toilet, bath or shower? Our experienced, highly-qualified plumbers can help.


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