Summer Is the Best Time For A New Boiler

Don't wait until it's too late to get a new boiler. Get prepared for winter and book your installation during summer! Check out the many benefits...

Engineer Looking underneath Boiler in Kitchen

The boiler is the most used appliance in a family home and it's been well documented that when the winter months roll around, so does boiler breakdown season.

As more people begin relying on their heating and hot water again, we find that there is a dramatic increase in bookings for new boiler installations. Which is why having a new boiler fitted in the quieter summer months is very beneficial...

Appointments to suit

There's usually no waiting on an installer's availability during the warmer months. The hot weather pushes heating requirements to the back of people's minds and naturally lowers the demand for boiler engineers. Their schedules are slightly more flexible which means you can likely pick an installation day which suits you.

No coats and blankets required!

There's nothing worse than shivering in the freezing cold whilst your boiler is replaced. By thinking ahead and arranging an installation during the summer, you can relax with an ice cold lemonade in the garden rather than cuddling a hot water bottle under a blanket!

Look forward to saving money

One of the most beneficial results of a boiler replacement is how it could positively affect your pocket. The highest bills in your household will likely always be for heating, however, according to the Energy Saving Trust you could save up to £320 a year by replacing your old boiler with a new A-rated model!

Peace of mind

With a new boiler installed during summer, you can rest assured that when the cold weather arrives, you will have no days struggling without hot water or heating. Your new boiler will be running smoothly and efficiently, keeping your home warm and cosy all through winter.

Special offer prices

With demand for new boilers lower in the summer, you can bag yourself a great deal on an installation! For example, during Rightio's '7 Weeks of Summer', we are offering everyone our very best price on boilers. Furthermore, each customer who books a new boiler installation will receive a £50 Amazon voucher!

Get 'em while it's hot!


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