Practical and thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts for him or her

With these practical and thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts your beloved one will be sure to think of you again and again as they use them.

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All couples celebrate Valentine's Day differently - some prefer a quiet movie night with snacks, some go all out with enormous bouquets, expensive jewellery and big nights out.

Whatever your preferences we'd always encourage you to think of the future when buying presents for your beloved one. Invest in gifts, which your partner can make actual use of and enjoy for longer than a few days. This way they'll be reminded of your love throughout the year.

We are talking about gifts that are:

  • Thoughtful and romantic - so your partner can enjoy them again and again.
  • Needed, but often disregarded. Things that would make life easier, but we never end up buying because of the cost.
  • Shared. Gifts that will benefit both of you as a couple, making the most of the money you spent.

Of course, no one will decline a box of artisan chocolates or a giant teddy bear.

But for the ones who want to gift a practical and thoughtful Valentine's Day gift, here are some suggestions:

Gym Membership.

This is definitely not a present to give just like that. Only consider it, if you've actually heard your partner say that they want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and more exercise. Otherwise you risk a very uncomfortable situation. But if your partner's heart is set on working out daily, buying them an annual membership is an amazing present. If you opt for one, which includes a swimming pool and sauna, we guarantee they'll be over the moon.

A Household Repair Plan.

If you live together this is a great gift to"share". No need to worry about emergency breakages, and dealing with product manuals. Our Care Club plans start from just £9.50 per month, which includes unlimited call-outs, all parts and labour and no excess. Leave the stress and DIY solutions behind, once and for all.

Google Home Mini.

It's 21st century and everyone loves smart gadgets. But too often we're not sure whether they're really useful or worth the price. Valentine's Day is the prefect occasion to buy one and find out. We hear you can use it to play music, stream shows and access random trivia.

Premium Coffee Machine.

It's time to stop pretending you like to start your day with instant coffee granules. Instead, invest in a good coffee machine together and share the love over a foamy cappuccino in the morning. Tutto buono!

In the end, regardless of the presents you choose this Valentine's Day, just make sure to spend a bit of time together and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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