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What to look for when choosing a boiler cover?

Choosing a boiler cover can be really confusing due to the variety of choice available on the market. Our blog will help you make the educated choice.

Buying a new boiler is an exciting and expensive decision. When you invest your money into a new boiler you want to make sure it stays healthy for the years to come, and its warranty remains valid.

To ensure the good health and the safety of the boiler, and to save money on potential breakdowns, these days many households opt out for emergency boiler covers. But with so many companies offering boiler covers on the market, choosing one can be really confusing.

Here is what you should consider, if you're shopping around for a boiler cover:

Don't just sign up to cover from your gas company without investigating first

First of all, you don't have to sign up for a boiler cover with your gas company. Of course, it's just so easy, but this common mistake that can cost you dearly.

Get a plan that covers your needs

Choosing the right boiler cover will also depend on the function of your boiler. If the boiler is heating both your water and property you'll probably want a plan, which covers your central heating.

Look for cover with a free boiler service

To maintain your boiler in a perfect condition, and keep its warranty valid, you need an annual boiler service. Look for a cover plan with the boiler service included free of charge. This way the boiler cover essentially pays itself off.

Go for unlimited call-outs

Some covers out there have a limit on the call-outs you can make. This can end up costing you a lot more than what you were initially prepared to pay. Always make sure your chosen boiler cover includes unlimited call-outs.

Don't fall for introductory offers

Not all boiler covers are the same. What seems like a cheap boiler cover, might end up being an"introductory offer", which means prices will skyrocket after the first year.

Check for excessive excess

Always look out for the hidden excess. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. Always check if you'll have to pay excess. It might make the deal you're looking at not that good after all.

Finally, a piece of advice - if you can afford to pay for a year's boiler cover upfront, don't hesitate. It will always end up saving you money in the long run.

Rightio offers boiler covers starting at £26.55 with no hidden excess, unlimited call outs and free boiler service included. Check out our homeowner cover.


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