Electrical hazards in your child's room - and what to do to prevent them

Electrical hazards can be lurking around your child's room, and in your house. Learn how to recognise electrical hazards and take preventitive measures.

Child on Bed Sucking Thumb

When you're busy with parent life, it's easy to forget small things. Like that milk bottle near the TV, the sock in the corner, or your mobile charger plugged in the wall.

For young children who are just discovering the world, every object in their path can be a new curiosity to uncover. This is when the mobile charger, the milk bottle or the electrical outlet in their room can become a potential electrical hazard.

To prevent electrical hazards in your child's room, and make sure the space they grow up into is safe and secure, you need to know what dangers you're looking out for. And for an extra peace of mind why not check our Plumbing, Internal Drainage and Electrics home cover. This way you can be sure that whatever the electrical issue, an engineer can be on their way in minutes.

Our expert electrical engineers have put

together this helpful guide on preventing electrical hazard's in your home.

Lightbulbs are not innocent

Maybe you thought the lightbulb is the least of your worries - well you could not be more wrong. A lightbulb can sometimes overheat and be dangerous to the touch, or be knocked down and broken, if it's in a kids bedroom. Make sure the lamps and bulbs are out of reach for younger kids, to prevent potential injuries.

Damaged leads

Leads from electrical items should not be trailing on the floor under any circumstances, and they should always be in perfect condition. Do not repair worn or damaged cords with tape - just throw them out, or replace them, as soon as you notice signs of damage. Better safe than sorry!

Hire a licensed professional

Your house wiring should be done to existing standards. If you've just moved home, which is a common situation with young parents, make sure to hire a qualified professional engineer to inspect your wiring. Unsafe wiring and increase chances of fire, power surges and electrical cuts, as well as cause your appliances to fail or misbehave. Stay safe, and call a Rightio electrician now.

Use plug socket covers

Plug socket covers prevent children from poking their fingers, or other objects into the plugs. You can purchase them online, and they're easy to fit and not expensive at all. Check out the baby-proof safety kit we found.

Make sure your CO and smoke detectors are working

It's not enough to just have carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms installed. Don't forget that they're powered by batteries, and these batteries need regular replacement. An easy way to remember it is to make sure you replace the batteries every time the clocks change.

What other electrical hazards in your home have you encountered and you're actively trying to prevent?


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