Keeping cool in the British heatwave

We've come up with a few clever tips to help you through the warmer days as most of us aren't fortunate to have air conditioning in the house.

Fan in Front of A Window

With a second heatwave on the way, we've come up with a few clever tips to help you through the warmer days as most of us aren't fortunate to have air conditioning in the house.

Keeping yourself cool

Wear loose cool clothing made of light natural fabrics such as cotton and linen. Consider using a flannel soaked in cold water from the fridge to put on the back of your neck and pule points to help cool yourself. You could fill up a hot water bottle with iced water and use it to chill areas of your body that get too hot. Fill up a bucket with cold water and sit with your feet in it for an instant cold hit.

Staying cool through the night

Change your duvet for a thin cotton sheet and wear thin nightwear - or none if you prefer! Keep your window open but the curtains closed to keep the morning sun out. Pop your fan near the window to draw in the cooler air from outside and have it oscillating to move the cool air around the room. Have a drink of water by the bed to keep you hydrated through the night as poor hydration leads to feeling even hotter!

Eat outside

Instead of using your hot oven in your home, use your outdoor BBQ or instead why not prepare a fresh cold salad instead. Eat more cold foods that need little to no preparation which saves energy and heat production. Some of our favourites are: home made coleslaw, dips with crudité like sliced peppers and celery sticks are always a favourite or wraps filled with pre made falafel or pre-cooked meats like chicken with salad and guacamole and salsa - yum!

Create a shaded area outside

Go all out and get an awning installed or if it isn't in your budget then why not use a large white sheet over an area of the garden to create a permanent shaded area - that way your children can play outside without getting heatstroke and sunburn. Get creative. Why not use a dust sheet or a couple of bedsheets tied together and attach them through the knots with cable ties to the guttering: easy to put up and take down if the rain/wind does come and easy to wash.

Keep the rays at bay

Buy some reflective window film and stick this on the inside of your windows. It's really low cost but mega effective! It can reduce heat and the sun's glare by up to 99% you can buy the film from places like Wilko, Argos, Amazon and eBay for as little as £1.99 per roll. It's easy to take back off again too. It also adds an element of privacy and increases security too. Win win!

We hope you enjoyed our heatwave tips. Share this on social media to help others keep cool too this summer.


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