Unveiled: Ross Vale, January Employee of the Month

Rightio's January Employee of the Month is no other but our Logistics Manager, Ross Vale. His responsibility and professionalism certainly set him apart.

Ross Vale Smiling on The Phone

At the end of last year we set up our Employee of the Month Award, which recognises team members for their continuous efforts and dedication.

We wanted a special start to the new 2019, and for this reason our prize for the January Employee of the Month was set as high as £250. Of course participation increased and the competition was tough (we almost had a draw in fact).

The winner could only be one though, and this is no other than our Logistics Manager, Ross Vale.

Ross has been part of the Rightio family for almost seven years - his first working day was 6 July 2012, if you're curious.

As a Logistics Manager, Ross' responsibilities in the company are various. He works around the clock to ensure jobs are completed smoothly and our customers remain informed through every step in the process. A typical day for him includes coverage, completed & failed jobs, PAYE labour and keeping a high standard of customer service. Additionally, he's also compiling data on performance and looking on ways to improve performance.

Ross was nominated for January Employee of the Month for his responsibility and professionalism, which were noted both by his team and across the company.

This is what Ross' colleagues said in their nominations:

"He's taken responsibility to drive better results in January, while remaining essential for the development of systems and processes."

"Ross really supported John Fitzgerald in his new role and went above and beyond."

"He had to deal with a lock job, where the engineer went out and said the lock was too hard to fit. But Ross never gave up and cancelled the job, instead he went on to get pictures of the locks and sent them to our engineers to get the job covered."

What Ross loves about working at Rightio is the chance to have a positive impact on people's daily lives and sharing the space with empathetic and like-minded people.

In his free time Ross continues to demonstrate enviable dedication... to his family. He loves his wife and kids, and can't wait for the warm whether so they can go out and have adventures.

Being the loving dad that he is Ross spent the £250 on some furniture for his little daughter's bedroom. We bet she was the happiest girl in the world!

Voting is closing on the 28/02/2019 for the February Employee of the month, and although the prize has gone down to the usual £50 Amazon voucher, we wanted to keep things on the edge, by adding an additional MYSTERY gift.

Curious what this can be... you'll have to read our next blog to know.


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