Ulanzo Vassell - Rightio's March Employee of the Month

Meet Ulanzo Vassell, Rightio's March Employee of the Month, who talks about having a positive attitude, living the Rightio values and setting an example.

Ulanzo Vassell Holding Employee of The Month Certificate

March came and brought all the sunshine, flowers and the charming smile of our new Employee of the Month - Ulanzo Vassell.

Ulanzo is a happy, friendly and always positive member of our Acquisitions team, and it was no surprise that sooner or later her dedication and confidence would win her the Employee of the Month Award. Still, she says it was totally unexpected and her excitement is apparent.

Ulanzo says that the key to her excellent performance is her positivism, cheerful attitude and desire to help our Rightio customers as much as she can. It is clearly the right formula, as Ulanzo has been part of the Acquisitions team for over a year and four months now.

Her winning nomination says:

"For constantly staying positive, friendly and happy. Ulanzo offers a great customer service!"

As any job, working at Rightio can have its challenges but Ulanzo is not too shy to ask her team leaders for help, when needed. Although everyone wants to be brilliant, sometimes asking questions, and advice is the best, and smartest approach.

Still Ulanzo prefers to focus on the happy memories, such as the Rightio Christmas party when she says she had the chance to get to know everyone better, and build friendships in a less-formal settings. Let's be honest - who doesn't love a bit of party?

Ulanzo's favourite thing about Rigthio is the flexibility of working here. She enjoys being able to have afternoons when she can finish early, then hit the gym or play some netball with friends, as well as mornings when she can take her time, have a nice breakfast and not worry about the traffic.

Being the Employee of the Month comes with the responsibility of being a role model for the Rightio values but Ulanzo is sure she can handle that, and set an example for her colleagues and friends. In fact her future career plans are focused on assuming more and more responsibility and becoming an inspiring leader in her field.

Because her Employee of the Month award was such a surprise, she didn't really had time to plan what she'd spend the £50 Amazon voucher on, but she's pretty sure she'd like to add something new to her wardrobe.

Ulanzo message to the next winner is in the spirit of Rightio: "Continue living the values and set an example for everyone else."


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