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Meet Ross Vale, Our Logistics Manager

Our logistics manager, Ross Vale, takes a tea break to tell us more about what he does here at Rightio and some more about himself.

People of the interwebs, can we introduce to you, one of our high-flyers and all round good guys: Ross Vale, our Logistics Manager

Our company fulfils over 250 jobs per day for our customers and Ross' job is to make sure it all runs smoothly. If there's a problem none of us can fix - Ross will usually fix it! What a guy!

We interviewed him and here's how it went:

How long have you been with Rightio, Ross?

7 years and hopefully many more to come!

What would you say the main role in your job is, what is a typical day in the life of Ross?

I manage the operations department and overlook the network , I'm responsible for the performance on a day to day basis which includes coverage, completed & failed jobs, PAYE labour and keeping a high standard of customer service. Also compiling data on performance and looking on ways to improve.

What would you say you love about working at Rightio?

It's great to feel like you're really needed and appreciated here and I genuinely feel responsible for many people's issues, if I can get someone's boilers fixed on a cold night or get their locks fixed after a break in, it really makes a difference to people's lives and that is why I come to work every day. I have a great team around me too and we all get along and work hard. That keeps me going through the long days during winter when we have snow and there are 100's of boiler break downs!

What makes Rightio your choice of place to work over other suppliers

I've worked for some of our competitors and I can 100% say, hand on heart, that we have the best ethics out of them all and I am proud to work for an honest, family company.

Tell me a bit about Ross outside of work?

I am partial to a bit of gaming, I mean a LOT of gaming, I am very much a perfectionist and will not put a game down until it's completed 100% perfect. I love my wife and kids and enjoy spending time with them too, especially in the warmer months when we can get out and go places.

If you're sat in front of the TV what would you be watching:

Anything 1920's-1930's prohibition, films or series, if I'm not on the X-Box of course!


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