Meet Rightio's April Employee of the Month -Roxana Moroianu

Meet Rightio's April Employee of the Month, Roxana Moroianu. Roxana has been working at the Accounts team and is known for being helpful and responsible.

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Since Rightio's Employee of the Month award was established half-an-year ago, we've had a real mix of personalities getting their hands on it. Our Marketing, Logistics and Acquisitions departments have all been represented, and we can only hope (and bet) the rest of the teams will have their own representative on the board soon.

As for April, it was definitely the Accounts department's month. The end of the tax year was finally left behind and the team got some well-deserved recognition, when April's Employee of the Month was announced.

It's time to meet Roxana Moroianu, one of our Accounts Assistants.

Roxana has been working at Rightio for 11 months, and the Employee of the Month award comes just in time for her Rightio anniversary. She was happy and excited to be the April winner, especially because it felt as a recognition not just for her, but for the whole Accounts department.

As an individual it can be hard to imagine the difference you make in people's lives but that's why we have Roxana's winning nomination.

Here is what her colleagues said:

"Roxana has been very helpful with explaining how to correctly do certain tasks. She is patient and supportive and we have seen, time and time again, how much efforts she puts in to ensure the communication with others is executed to a high standard for both sides."

One of Roxana's favourite things about working at Rightio is her team. She says:

"In the last year Accounts has changed a lot, and for better. I believe our new team is quite strong and motivated, so trust me, it's only going to get even better in time."

Working in the Accounts department is a role full of responsibility, which requires high numeracy skills and excellent focus, while it also entwines a level of customer service and people skills. According to Roxana, sometimes being the bridge between the different departments in the company can be challenging but a firm and honest approach is what is needed. It's a bit like being a judge - you just have to remain fair, unbiased and open-minded.

When she's not busy with work, Roxana likes to travel and spend time with her friends. On top of that she's trying to find the house of her dreams, which is never an easy job. A typical Accounts professional, she says she'll save her £50 Amazon voucher for when she moves into her new home, and spend it on necessities.

To the next Employee of the Month, Roxana says:

"Just keep up doing good work, don't let it go to your head. The important thing is do remain dedicated, and maintain the attitude that got you here."


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