Rightio’s Christmas Jumper Fundraising Day!

If there’s one thing we can expect each December as Christmas nears (other than saving our customers from the cold during boiler breakdown season),
it’s the annual Rightio Christmas Jumper Day!

Everyone was very excited to show off their fanciest Christmas outfits, so there sure were a lot of participants this time around!

This year, with everyone feeling the Christmas spirit, we also took the opportunity to help raise further funds for our Company Charity of the Year – Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Thanks to the generosity of the Rightio team, before we knew it our collection tins were full, and we’d raised over £120 to add to the Hospital’s ‘Star Jumper Day‘ fundraiser!

Thank you again to everyone who donated towards this fantastic cause! And, have a very Merry Christmas!

staff photo of everyone wearing christmas jumpers