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10 little-known energy saving secrets

Energy saving led light bulb on white background

Saving energy is not only great for the household bills, but it benefits the environment as well. When we dedicate to cutting down on our energy usage, we consume less natural resources and reduce pollution at the same time! Of course, we all know the major rules; choose energy saving lightbulbs, switch off plugs and…

Get your Home Winter ready in 8 steps

cartoon house in snow

Although we’ve enjoyed a relatively mild December, without any snow, winter is still sure to strike when we least expect it. Preparing the house for the dropping temperatures is a task no one is looking forward to, especially around the school holidays. Having a few days off and the crisp, refreshing weather is the perfect…

10 Tips To Reduce Your Energy Bills This Winter

wool socks heating by a log fire

With temperatures plummeting to sub-zero, saving money is our main concern at this time of the year. Being organised and getting yourself a home maintenance plan could also save you £100’s if your boiler or heating system goes on the blink, or you get a leak. Expensive emergency call out fees at peak times can…