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How to tackle a blocked sink?

blocked sink

Blocked sink – we’ve all encountered the horrors of it, the unpleasant smell, the monster-sound of the pipes, as the water drains, and the puddle of waste water which takes a century to drain. OK, maybe it’s not a real horror show, but it’s not what you want to find home after a long workday.…

How to spring-clean your gutters?

clean up your gutters in the spring

With spring cleaning, home maintenance tasks and winter bills all piling up, it’s easy to forget that your gutters also need special attention at this time of the year. But make sure to set a reminder and clean your gutters, or you risk serious roofing, wall and foundation issues in the following months. A gutter…

How to re-pressurise your boiler?

re-pressurise boiler in no time

If you notice that your boiler’s water pressure indicator is reading below 1 bar of atmospheric pressure, your boiler needs to be re-pressurised. Causes of lost pressure can vary – it can be a sign of a leak in your boiler system, or it could have happened as a result of bleeding your radiators. There’s…