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Five most common boiler problems you might face this winter

common boiler problem

The boiler is an essential member of the British household, especially during the cold winter months, when it’s normally responsible for securing both your hot shower and comfortable warm home. But winter is also the time when common boiler problems present themselves, sometimes costing hundreds of pounds to unsuspecting homeowners. Some of the most common…

Why do I need my boiler serviced annually?

boiler service

Spring and summer are the perfect time for a boiler service. You won’t need your boiler as much when the weather warms up, Gas Engineers have better availability and prices drop down. With the temperatures rising, here at Rightio we’ve been getting a lot of questions about boiler service and specifically – why do you…

A New Look for the Rightio Vans!

van in rightio car park

Beep-beep! Our vans have had a makeover! Rightio engineers are zipping around all day, every day – all over the nation – and this year we’ve decided to take the opportunity to upgrade our vans. The new Renault TRAFIC vehicles don’t only look and feel the part, but they are also fully kitted out with…