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11 Signs Your Broken Boiler Might Need Replacing

re-pressuirise your boiler with our easy advice

Do you have a broken boiler? If a man’s home is his castle, the boiler would be his hardest working servant. A regular household boiler is responsible for about 60% of the energy bills but often remains under-appreciated. A broken boiler can cause mayhem in the everyday routine – with no heating and hot water,…

Get your Home Winter ready in 8 steps

cartoon house in snow

Although we’ve enjoyed a relatively mild December, without any snow, winter is still sure to strike when we least expect it. Preparing the house for the dropping temperatures is a task no one is looking forward to, especially around the school holidays. Having a few days off and the crisp, refreshing weather is the perfect…

How to Fix Frozen and Burst Pipes

keep your pipes from freezing and bursting

  Frozen or burst pipes? Waking up to a freezing home on a winter’s morning is the last thing you want! Your pipes have frozen over the night. Although winter in the UK is not as severe as in other parts of the world, the danger of frozen pipes is very real. In fact, countries…