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December sees the highest number of boiler breakdowns

engineer tweaking boiler controls

As we all know, Christmas is fast approaching, and while we start to mentally prepare our festive lunches and think about all the gifts we’ll be giving (and receiving!), we neglect to think about one thing which might put a damper on the whole event… According to research from EDF Energy, December is the most…

A New Look for the Rightio Vans!

van in rightio car park

Beep-beep! Our vans have had a makeover! Rightio engineers are zipping around all day, every day – all over the nation – and this year we’ve decided to take the opportunity to upgrade our vans. The new Renault TRAFIC vehicles don’t only look and feel the part, but they are also fully kitted out with…

The importance of being Gas Safe

boiler pipe close up

At Rightio we believe in doing things right. From boilers to plumbing to locks to electrics, our expert engineers ensure we complete quality and efficient jobs while keeping our customers safe in the process. Jon Roden is a Rightio Engineer with more than 20 years’ experience; this week he visited a simple boiler service and…