Plea for parents to share DIY skills as new students prepare to fly the nest

As record numbers of students prepare to fly the nest and embark on their university adventures, one thing they are unlikely to pack is a guide to caring for their new home.

The academic year is just around the corner and while moving out often marks the beginning of adulthood, living alone for the very first time can be stressful and daunting.

Rightio is calling on parents to give their offspring a helping hand by preparing them for independent living – and the household headaches that accompany it.

“Helping teenagers to live within a budget, teaching them how to cook, and encouraging them to brush up on their social skills in order to make new friends are all things that parents see as a priority before their loved ones leave home,” said Chris Carswell, Managing Director at Rightio.

“What they often forget to share is their valuable wisdom when it comes to fast DIY fixes around the home. Some teenagers have never changed a light bulb, let alone unblocked a drain or reset a tripped switch.

“By providing a mini-masterclass on those quick household jobs, they will help their children to save money by avoiding maintenance call-out costs, and also set them up with valuable skills for life.”

Rightio’s experienced engineers receive regular requests to attend simple jobs that could be avoided – from boilers that won’t light to flooded bathrooms.

There is no job too big or small for us at Rightio and our teams respond quickly and efficiently to any emergency, taking real care in the services delivered.

But there is no doubt that if parents provided a few simple lessons in DIY, students would benefit hugely. We’ve prepared a quick “Can They” checklist which will give parents and students peace of mind for dealing with those annoying jobs around the home:

Rightio’s ‘Can They’ Checklist

  1. Re-light a boiler?
  2. Operate a boiler check point?
  3. Reset a tripped switch?
  4. Find a stop tap and know how to use it?
  5. Change a fuse?
  6. Unblock a sink?
  7. Bleed a radiator?
  8. Use basic tools for repairs?
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