Is your business prepared for plumbing trouble this winter?

In the last few years we have witnessed both surprisingly mild and extremely cold winters. Perhaps the most popular and recent example is the notorious Beast of the East, which put the country to standstill in March 2017.

With almost a decade of experience in supporting commercial and domestic customers, Rightio’s engineers have attended to smaller and larger scale plumbing issues caused by lack of adequate preparation for the cold season.

This is why our experts have put together this helpful guide to ensure your business is prepared for plumbing trouble this winter.

1. Be proactive

Specially trained members of staff should know where stopcocks are located, and these should be checked regularly to ensure they’re in a good working order.

If there are sprinkler systems to keep the grass in front of your office fresh and green during the summer, once the temperatures go down these need to be disabled or insulated appropriately.

Any dripping and leaking taps and pipes should be repaired before the nights start getting colder.

2. Be prepared

Looking for a reliable tradesperson in the last moment can come at a high cost, and sometimes it can be close to impossible, depending on demand. Ensure your business is prepared for plumbing trouble this winter by contracting a reliable and experienced maintenance company – this way your plumbing issues will be treated as priority, and a professional engineer will be available on demand.

3. Take precautions

Make sure your heating system is serviced and in working order in time for the coldest months of the year.

Maintain the heating at a consistent level, even when your building premises are closed, and ensure all pipework is lagged, especially condensate pipes coming out of boilers.

In the case of a warmer winter, with lots of rain and wind you need to think of the gutters and outside drains. They should be inspected and cleared regularly to avoid blockages and potential structural damage to your premises.

If your business does end up with a burst pipe here is how to minimise the damage until an engineer arrives:

  1. Turn off the stopcock and drain the system of any remaining water
  2. Turn off the central heating.
  3. Call your trusted maintenance service.
  4. Move stock and valuable equipment to cut the losses.
  5. Do not attempt to apply temporary repairs, a burst pipe is a serious problem, which can affect your whole plumbing system and needs an experienced professional.

If your business still does not have a maintenance services contractor now is the time to get in touch with Rightio. With more than 9 years of commercial contractor experience, and a nationwide network of engineers available 365 days a year, your peace of mind is in safe hands.

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