Boiler repair costs – how much can a repair set you back?

Boiler repair costs are a painful subject for a lot of us. Of course we want our fellow hard-working appliance to last forever but sometimes sickness is inevitable – especially if your boiler is getting older.

Although boiler repair costs can vary they will generally fluctuate between £150 to £500. Other factors that can influence the repair costs are:

  • The scale of the problem. Bigger repairs, and harder to source parts will cost more.
  • The boiler type and its age. The older the boiler, the harder it would be to find a part.
  • Your location. Depending on where in the country you live your boiler repair can cost a lot more.
  • The time of the job. Outside of normal working hours, weekends and holidays are typically more expensive.

These are the factors that can influence the boiler repair costs but here are the most common prices for boiler repairs.

Remember these are not set in stone, and they can vary upon circumstances.

The overheat thermostat, timer, flue and automatic air vent are amongst the cheaper repairs, ranging in the space of £100-£200

Medium-range repairs include ignition leads, air pressure switch, fan, pump and burner will set you back at least £200-£300 per job.

Costly repairs include gas valves, expansion vessel, diverter valve, PCB and you’ll be looking to part with £300 – £450.

The most expensive repair will normally be the heat exchanger, which can go up in the £450-£500 spectrum.

Boiler repairs are certainly not cheap, and if you can’t afford to part with a lump sum at once then a Boiler Cover plan might be worth the investment.

Finally, when the costly repairs start happening more often, it might be time to think of a boiler replacement as it can prove more economical in the long term. The earlier you start preparing about this possibility – the better, as you’ll have more time to shop around for the best prices.

boiler repair costs
boiler repair costs
boiler repair costs