Meet the Rightio family

Back in 2010, Chris Carswell and Karl Tulloch had a vision. To build a home and business maintenance company that did things right; to put the customer at the heart of everything we did.

Nine years later Rightio has grown into a nationwide home maintenance provider, specialising in all aspects of plumbing, heating, boiler, electric, lock and drainage work. With a nationwide network of highly skilled engineers and first-class support staff at the Head Office, we believe in looking after our customers’ homes and delivering the very best service, with a personal touch.

We know that the journey to become the UK’s №1 might not always be easy, but we were dedicated to making it an incredible one. We are certain our 4 values hold the key to success, and we have been living and breathing them from day one.

Be the best that you can be
If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.
Take responsibility
If it is to be, it’s down to me.
Be professional
What we do, we do well.
Be empathetic
Treat people how you want to be treated.

Through all these years we’ve been waking up early together, we’ve been answering the phones, and helping people together.
We ran the 10K marathon together, we took out our best Christmas jumpers and ridiculous onesies together, we played football together and we even made a musical together. We welcomed more and more new friends (and sometimes had to say goodbye to the ones who took a different path in life).
But we did it all TOGETHER because at Rightio we’re more than an office - we are a team, and a family.

We’re not resting on our laurels though. Still today, our passion to be the best remains just as important as it was when we answered our first phone call and attended our first job. We know an exciting future lies ahead.

We just need people like you to make it happen!

Megan McDougal – Head of Operations

Megan McDougal joined Rightio in 2014. She saw to opportunity to make a real change in the company and unleash her potential.

She says: “Rightio is a fast paced but rewarding place to work, and if you show the right behaviour and dedication, progression can be easily attained. As long as you can prove that your idea is going to be beneficial for the company and the people who work here, then you’re free to work on it. You’re more of a person than a number.”

Megan is currently Head of Operations, which means she looks after the call centre staff, the directly employed engineers and the subcontractors. She’s responsible for making sure everything is running efficiently, and keeping a vital positive attitude among all employees. It’s a balance between being profitable, securing good figures and making sure everyone remains enthusiastic and motivated.

“Whenever we implement changes I always ask myself if it’s the right thing for the business and for the staff. If the answer is yes to both then we proceed with it.”

Steve Butler – Finance Director

Steve joined Rightio in March 2017 as a consultant, after being recommended due to his previous experience in a similar field. His expertise helped the Finance team to overcome certain challenges and his ideas were widely implemented across the business.

His role within Rightio has both Finance and Commercial direction. Steve helps the Finance department on decision making, provides support where needed, and demonstrates the correct processes and procedures that need to be followed. He helped the team identify and focus on KPIs, and adopt a proactive approach towards pinpointing and fixing issues. He is also the “liaison point” between the banks, the auditors and the business.

Above all Steve believes in education on all levels:

“To have a successful department, everyone in it needs to understand the big picture, the business strategy and how the business is moving forward, as well as the individual roles and responsibilities. By setting clear KPIs the employees can measure success and commit to delivering it.”

Marcus Ricketts – Financial Controller

Marcus came to Rightio in 2017 to manage and oversee the financial aspects of the company. He’s responsible for all the accounting and billing functions throughout the business and aims to build a streamline process in which Rightio can grow as a forward thinking company.

Efficiency and reliability are vital aspects to his role and he’s brought a wealth of administration and financial control nous from his time in similar businesses. His job means that he has to be precise in every aspect of his work and he’s called upon to create consolidated reports to review each department’s performance.

“What attracted me to Rightio was the dynamic and engaging environment. Engineers, contact centre staff and head office all work as one to make positive changes and create the best service for customers. Rightio is a company with strong ethics and a business with a desire to provide a fulfilling place to work for all its employees.”

Azir Alam – Care Club manager

Azir was one of the first employees to join Rightio back in 2012, when the company was still in its early days. Since then Azir has worked hard, and he’s now in charge of the Care Cub team at Rightio. He’s responsible for the complete journey of the Care Club customers, and from the moment they sign up it’s his responsibility to make sure they have the best possible experience.

“There were only 6 people when I joined, and I am so happy to have seen us grow so much since then.”

Azir is proud of Care Club’s retention of customers, some of which have been with us since 2016, when Care Club was created.

One of the best things about Rightio, according to Azir, is the family environment.

“You get to know everyone, not just your team. You’re not just a number. Lots of the people here are friends out of work. Some of us have been here for 5-6 years.

I believe, if you work hard, you get rewarded and get the recognition, and can progress within the business. There is nothing to hold you back.”

Gemma Bravington – HR Manager

Gemma Bravington joined Rightio in September 2016. As an HR Manager, Gemma’s role has evolved a lot through the years. She has now assumed a more of an advisor role, and is keen to listen to employees’ opinions and struggles, and answer questions. She also oversees absence and attendance, and says her door is wide-open for anyone who might want to have a quick chat.

“My day-to-day tasks vary, depending on the present issues. My personal aim is to continually improve HR and what we do here. If I’m not happy with something we have on file I make it better, I update the HR system daily, and I’m also involved in senior management meetings. As an HR Manager I’m there for the employees, as well as the business, kind of like a middle ground.”

Gemma’s favourite thing about working at Rightio are the people who have always been approachable and willing to help. That’s why Gemma is focused on retention, and helping the good, deserving people to get more recognition.

Customer Service
glassdoor stars

Current Employee:
I have been working at Rightio full-time for more than 5 years.

Good progression if you're willing to be hard-working, commited, and take on board feedback. Great atmosphere, all working towards the same goal, everyone gets along with each other regardless of where you work. Incentives are given to everyone who achieve targets - no one is left out. Managers listen, and are motivating. Get to vote for who we think deserves employee of the month. 40 hour contracts for full time staff - a lot of places do zero hours / part-time contracts so you have security of a set wage each month.

Acquisitions Agent
Great place to work
glassdoor stars

Current Employee:
I have been working at Rightio full-time for more than a year.

Just as in any business there are good and not so good characters. The management team have got rid of most if not all of the apples and this can often be seen by the bitter and twisted reviews by ex-employees. My advice to you my friends is just leave it, move on and get a life. For the majority of staff working here it's a great place to work, no day is the same and when you get it right for customers it makes everything worthwhile.

Acquisitions Agent
Very happy to work here
glassdoor stars

Current Employee:
I have been working at Rightio full-time for more than a year.

I'm quite new to Rightio but I can already tell it's a great place to work. It can be challenging, dealing with customer's problems, but it's a great feeling when we have solved a problem for the customer. I had training and everyone I've spoken to at the company from my colleagues to senior management, all are friendly and approachable.

Shifts can be changed at short notice sometimes, but not usually