The shortest month’s winner with the longest name – Polly Vodenicharova’s Employee of the Month Blog.

February, the shortest month of the year went by faster that we could imagine. It seems like this is the case every year –we just suddenly jump from January to March and speed through the last days of winter in a hope it’s all going to be over soon.

But that didn’t stop us from slowing down a bit, just to count the votes for the February Employee of the Month. This time the award has moved upstairs to the back office, as our new Marketing Executive Polly Vodenicharova took the prize.

Being chosen for the February Employee of the Month was certainly a big surprise for her, given that she only joined Rightio three months ago, just before Christmas. She says:

“I’ve always tried to give my absolute best, and I’m extremely dedicated to what I do but I truly didn’t expect anyone to be looking at me, and noticing what I’m doing. Although I’m quite chatty once you get to know me, opening up to a big team always takes time and so my initial reaction to the news was

“Wow, as if people actually know my name!””

Polly is not really sure what people’s impressions of her are, but she’s hoping that they see her as a hard-working and helpful person. Though she does have her doubts that she’s infamous for her determination to chase up emails in person.

But enough with the guessing, here is the actual winning vote, which granted her the February Employee of the Month title:

“ I have seen her live every single value since the day she started at Rightio and continues to grow significantly each and every day. She empathises with every customer that complains on social media and really makes sure that each customer is dealt with in a timely manner with absolute respect and patience as well as follows each complaint through until the customer is happy. Because of this our social media channels are now a place of positivity and calm. Her drive to be the best she can be is very apparent. Always trying to learn from mistakes and takes criticism on board to better herself every day. She does every task she is set with thought and passion and sees it through until the end. She is organised and tenacious. Her creativity and attention to detail is also refreshing. It feels like she has already become an integral part of the team and I don’t know how we coped without her now! ”

Polly says she’s loved her time at Rightio so far, because it gave her the chance to use her skills to their full extent, while learning so much in the same time. In the same time she appreciates all the support from her managers and the fact that everyone she’s had the chance to work with has been extremely helpful. Her day-to-day tasks are quite variable – from content creating, to social media, trying her skills in email marketing and of course, the internal comms, such as the monthly newsletter.

If she had to pinpoint her funniest moment in Rightio she always remembers seeing Surdeep’s expression when she told him she’s eaten 12 doughnuts in one sitting (on multiple occasions).

It’s only been three months since she joined the Rightio family but she says:

“I’ve noticed the effort that’s been put in engaging the team and making Rightio’s working environment even more welcoming and exciting.

 I can also see that a lot more attention has been given to negative customer feedback, which I feel is extremely important. In today’s times when people prefer to do their research alone, the biggest advertiser for a company is the social opinion and approval.”

In her free time Polly tries to catch up on reading, travel, and write about Food&Drink, which is her absolutely favourite field. She’s also currently learning how to swim and trying to find some spare time for dancing.

As she didn’t expect to win the Employee of the Month award, it took her a good couple of weeks to decide what to spend the £50 voucher on. But she ended up buying a good pair of hair straighteners, because as everyone gifted with naughty curls, the simple “brush and hairdryer” method just doesn’t work.

And about the MYSTERY  prize… well, it is an extremely useful (and big) coffee mug, which happens to be in her favourite colour. The mug is currently at Polly’s home as it fits the perfect dose of morning coffee before the commute.

Since Ross didn’t set a dare for the February Employee of the Month, Polly got away with it easily, but that doesn’t mean the March one will be as lucky. If you’re reading this future March Employee of the Month, know that she dares you to wear your favourite onesie to work!