How to cool down your house?

The weather is warming up and so is your home. There’s less and less need to turn the radiators on, and more often than not you come home to stuffy air and heated rooms.

Britain is not warm enough to push the general population into investing in an air conditioner.  Yet our houses still absorb the summer sunlight just enough to make the whole living space uncomfortably hot.

The good news is there are ways to cool down the rooms without having to spend too much on air conditioning units.

Here is how to cool down your home in time of need:

  1. Keep the blinds down.

We all love to let the light in and enjoy the sun, but your home can easily turn into a greenhouse if you forget them during the day. Let the sun in early in the morning when the air is still crisp and fresh but no later than 9-10am.

  1. Open the windows at the right time.

Opening the windows during the summer will only let the warm air in. Instead, do it the smart way and only open them once the sun has set down until early morning. This way you’ll let the cold night air in and keep the house cool through the day.

  1. Use a dehumidifier.

A dehumidifier will remove the moisture from the air, and dry air will keep rooms cooler as temperatures rise.

  1. Unplug your devices

If you’re not using a device just unplug it. Any item that’s turned on is producing heat. You might not think it makes a big difference but think about your whole house not just one room. Can you name 5 devices, which are plugged unnecessarily?

  1. Plant trees

If you’ve settled in your own house, think about planting a tree. Trees will not only shade your house but keep the air fresh and cool as well. Don’t plant a tree too close to the house though, or you risk foundation issues in the future.

  1. Open your doors.

When you’re cooling down the rooms at night don’t forget to open all the doors so the cool air can circulate around.

Do you know any other useful tips to cool down your house? We’d love to hear them!