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Home security in the new decade: what to expect?

smart home security devices in the new decade

Home security has increasingly developed over the last ten years, and it looks like the trend is about to continue. Traditional locks and alarms, which require direct, physical contact are slowly but surely being replaced by smart devices, offering the option of remote control and supervision for the ever-vigilant homeowner. The new decade is bound…

How to dispose of your household appliances?

dispose of appliances

Living sustainably, reusing and recycling are all hot topics in today’s world. Yet there is still a lot of uncertainty when it comes to correctly disposing of bigger appliances such as furniture and appliances. Regardless of whether the life of your appliances is slowly coming to an end, or you’re just looking for a fashionable…

What does a Locksmith do?


Locksmithing is one of the oldest professions in the world, dating back approximately 4000 years. It’s origins can be traced back to ancient Egypt, and rumour has it Pharaoh Khafre (the one whose face is on the Sphynx) had a keen interest in locksmithing. Well, if it was good enough for the Pharaoh… While locksmithing…