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Smart energy saving devices to help you battle the energy vampires in your home

smart energy saving devices

Smart energy saving devices are a recent addition to the UK market but they should certainly rise in popularity. Investing in an energy saving device is bound to pay off, as they’ll help you lower your bills in the long term, and battle annoying energy vampire devices. Smart energy saving devices don’t need a special…

How to dispose of your household appliances?

dispose of appliances

Living sustainably, reusing and recycling are all hot topics in today’s world. Yet there is still a lot of uncertainty when it comes to correctly disposing of bigger appliances such as furniture and appliances. Regardless of whether the life of your appliances is slowly coming to an end, or you’re just looking for a fashionable…

How to cool down your house?

cooled down room 4

The weather is warming up and so is your home. There’s less and less need to turn the radiators on, and more often than not you come home to stuffy air and heated rooms. Britain is not warm enough to push the general population into investing in an air conditioner.  Yet our houses still absorb…