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What does a Gas Engineer do?

gas engineer

The Gas Engineer profession is growing in demand these days, as more people go into higher education, less pursue the career, while demand for housing is increasing. If you were ever in search of a job for life, which guarantees you employment, it is definitely worth considering training to be one. While you might think…

How to re-pressurise your boiler?

re-pressurise boiler in no time

If you notice that your boiler’s water pressure indicator is reading below 1 bar of atmospheric pressure, your boiler needs to be re-pressurised. Causes of lost pressure can vary – it can be a sign of a leak in your boiler system, or it could have happened as a result of bleeding your radiators. There’s…

What is the Eco-Mode setting on your boiler and why does it matter?

Eco friendly heart shaped hands around tree

Go green for 2019 is the lifestyle movement we all want to follow in the New Year. This includes thinking about sustainability, switching to energy-efficient appliances and reducing our water usage. In the quest of reducing environmental impact, many modern boilers now come with an “Eco Mode” setting. But if you just moved into a…