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Five most common boiler problems you might face this winter

common boiler problem

The boiler is an essential member of the British household, especially during the cold winter months, when it’s normally responsible for securing both your hot shower and comfortable warm home. But winter is also the time when common boiler problems present themselves, sometimes costing hundreds of pounds to unsuspecting homeowners. Some of the most common…

The best boiler for a small flat or house

best boiler for small flat or house

Finding the best boiler for a small flat or house is extremely important. The ideal model will be able to reduce your bills, keep you warm with a minimal effort, and be almost invisible in the household. Pick a model that’s too powerful, and you’ll soon notice it affecting your bills, and disrupting your lifestyle.…

What is a combi boiler?

engineer fixing boiler

Combi boilers have steadily taken over the UK market in the recent years. In fact, gas condensing boilers are the most popular choice of boiler in the UK. Combi boilers are popular for a variety of reasons, including that they meet the boiler efficiency regulations from recent years. Perhaps, at this stage you’re already wondering…