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Who qualifies for a boiler grant?

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The cosy jumpers, waterproof wellies and raincoats are out and what your thermostat says is true – it’s officially time to welcome boiler season. Let’s admit it, if you haven’t turned the heating on yet, you either love cold feet and hands, or you live in the North.  Some of us however, will inevitably experience…

How to Keep Your Water Bills Down?

keep water bills down in the family

If you have a water meter rising water bills are a common issue as the weather gets warmer and the children come home from university. But this year households across the UK have had a third reason to worry about the cost of water – the Coronavirus lockdown.  With entire families self-isolating together, it is…

Easy Kitchen Upgrades You Can Do Before the Summer

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With more time to spend at home this spring, many people have embraced DIY improvements and household upgrades as a way to stay productive and unleash their creativity during the Coronavirus lockdown. And while the government certainly doesn’t recommend engaging tradesmen over cosmetic interior upgrades, if you have the time, budget and some basic skills,…