Meet our people

Megan McDougall – Head of Contact Centre

I have been at Rightio for over four years and currently oversee all activity in the Contact Centre. I’m responsible for making sure everything is running efficiently and keeping a vital positive attitude among all employees.

I’m dedicated to keeping a happy working environment and observing conversations between the contact centre, engineers and customers. Furthermore, I go home knowing that I’ve made a difference to our customers’ lives; that gives me enormous satisfaction every day. 

Rightio is a fast paced, but rewarding place to work and if you show the right behaviour and dedication, progression can be easily attained. There is a great family feeling among both office staff and engineers and everyone is constantly striving for the same goals. 

Azir Alam - Rightio Care Club Manager

I joined Rightio back in 2012 and started off in the Logistics department, taking on the responsibility of arranging the engineers’ days and getting them to our customers as quickly as possible. We were a small team of 6 when I joined; that number has now grown to over 40, just showing how far we’ve come as a business.  

In 2014, I moved over to our Customer Services department, where I soon worked my way up to become the manager of the department. In March 2016, I was appointed the Rightio Care Club Manager for our in-house maintenance and repair plan.

I love working for Rightio! We have a young vibrant workforce and everyone has a equal opportunity for progression. Throughout my employment at Rightio, I have always been encouraged to put forward any ideas I have which could have an positive impact on the business and its customers. The company has also empowered me to put my ideas into practice, which is hugely rewarding.

It’s a fantastic place to work, and with every opportunity to develop your skills and build a fulfilling career, I would recommend Rightio to everyone.

Marcus Ricketts - Financial Controller

I came to Rightio in 2017 to manage and oversee the financial aspects of the company. I am responsible for all the accounting and billing functions throughout the business and I aim to build a streamline process in which we can grow as a forward thinking company.

Efficiency and reliability are vital aspects to my role and I’ve brought a wealth of administration and financial control nous from my time in similar businesses. My job means that I have to be precise in every aspect of my work and I’m called upon to create consolidated reports to review each department’s performance.

What attracted me to Rightio was the dynamic and engaging environment. Engineers, contact centre staff and head office all work as one to make positive changes and create the best service for customers. Rightio is a company with strong ethics and a business with a desire to provide a fulfilling place to work for all its employees.