What to look for when choosing a boiler cover?

Buying a new boiler is an exciting and expensive decision. When you invest your money into a new boiler you want to make sure it stays healthy for the years to come, and its warranty remains valid. To ensure the good health and the safety of the boiler, and to save money on potential breakdowns,…

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How to choose the best boiler for your home?

Your boiler is probably the hardest working appliance in your home and it makes sense that when it comes to replacing it you’ll be looking for the best options, which are a combination of affordability and lasting quality. There are three main types of household boilers in the UK: Combi boilers Conventional boilers Sealed system…

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Meet Leon McCormack, our June employee of the month.

Another month has passed and in the midst of the summer heat the time has come to meet our newest Employee of the Month, Leon McCormack. Leon certainly did not expect to win the Employee of the Month award, in fact he was on the phone when it was announced. “It was amazing though, absolutely…

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How to turn your garden into a summer oasis?

Summer – regardless of what they say, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Holidays, dining out, warm weather and blooming flowers. But the wonderful weather, and the rising temperatures mean your garden will need some extra attention as well. From watering regularly, to the correct fertilising, your garden can turn into a real…

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What is a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate or a CP12?

A Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, or a CP12 are essentially the same thing. CP12 is the outdated, albeit more popular name for the same document. This is the document the engineer leaves after he has serviced and/or safety checked a gas appliance in a tenanted property. The document carries the information of what exact checks…

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How to choose the perfect shower?

One of the most satisfying experiences in this world has to be renovating your bathroom, and of course, upgrading your shower. But the whole experience can be easily ruined, if you don’t choose the right shower, and end up with low pressure or failing to set the right temperature. Choosing the best shower for your…

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10 ways to upgrade your bathroom without splashing out on money

Renovating your bathroom, can be an easy way to raise the value of your property, without dedicating to a large DIY project. But even a small space like the bathroom can easily cost in the thousands, depending on the scale of the project, and whether bathroom fixtures are moved or replaced. If you want to…

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Emergency Home Cover. Do you really need it and why?

An emergency home cover provides help when a breakdown can have an immediate effect on your health and safety. When an incident occurs at home you want it sorted right there, right now, and that’s what your cover guarantees. When you sign up for an emergency home cover you’ll be given a phone number you…

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Get your house ready for the summer in 10 easy steps.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and unexplainable joy has spread across the country. It is finally summer. We never know how long it will last but even a week-long heatwave can be exhausting, if we’re not properly prepared. This summer we wanted to make sure your home is ready to face the…

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6 things to look out for when choosing a boiler cover

When you’ve just invested in a new boiler you want to keep it healthy for as long as possible. The idea of spending money on unexpected repairs in the next few years just doesn’t seem appealing. That’s where a boiler cover can help. These days however, there is a wide variety available on the market,…

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