How to prepare your central heating system for the winter?

Turning on the heating system is what we consider the official start of the cold season. There is no use denying it, once the leaves start falling and the wind is blowing it’s time to crank up the thermostat. But before you turn the heating system on for the winter, you need to check it’s…

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cat on a chair enjoying the central heating system

Eight secrets for a positive work-life balance

You can either be successful at work, have a good social life, or have time for your family. Choose two, you can’t have it all. This has been a long-lasting conception, and it does tend to feel very true, especially in the middle of the week when tasks are piling, teachers are calling, and someone’s…

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Woman working on laptop looking happy becuase of positive work-life balance

Let’s talk about mental health in the skilled trades industry

Perhaps you would be surprised, if we told you that the skilled trades industry has one of the highest suicide rates amongst employees. This might sound quite contradictory to the 2018 research by Boundless, which found plumbers are the happiest workers in Britain, followed in second place by builders. How do we make sense of…

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Mental health in men in construction industry.

How to dispose of your household appliances?

Living sustainably, reusing and recycling are all hot topics in today’s world. Yet there is still a lot of uncertainty when it comes to correctly disposing of bigger appliances such as furniture and appliances. Regardless of whether the life of your appliances is slowly coming to an end, or you’re just looking for a fashionable…

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dispose of appliances

Simple answers to the most common plumbing questions

Plumbing is undoubtedly the greatest invention of the human kind (well, at least one of them) but we still don’t know much about it. We’re so used to turning the tap on, flushing the toilet, or enjoying a hot shower but how does water get to our house? What is a stopcock? For most of…

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plumbing questions

Meet Martin Bretnall, our August Engineer of the Month

This month we’re introducing our first ever blog dedicated to our Engineer of the Month Award. After running the Employee of the Month award for almost an year we realised that we needed a separate award, focused on our engineers and their contribution. Our first Engineer of the month voting happened in August, and encouraged…

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engineer of the month august

Meet Adnan Akhtar – Rightio’s August Employee of the Month

September was quick to come and go at the Rightio office, and it seems like the summer is fast turning into a memory, amidst busy phone lines and rainy days. For one last time though, we can bring August back, and this is to announce our August Employee of the Month – Adnan Akhtar. Adnan…

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adnan akhtar inspecting document

How to clean your oven with minimal effort?

With temperatures set to drop as the colder part of the year slowly sneaks around the corner, your oven is about to get some action again. While summer calls for lighter dishes and al-fresco dining, autumn and winter are truly the seasons for mouth-watering roasts, indulging pies and crumbly quiches. And let’s not forget about…

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how to clean the oven

Why the perfect time to prepare for the cold weather is now?

Once the leaves start changing colour and the days get shorter you know what’s ahead – cold weather spells. While autumn is arguably the best season there is – with reasonably warm weather, refreshing wind and inspiring colours – once it arrives, we know the cold season is not far off. In fact, the majority…

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prepare your house for the cold this autumn

Gas Safety: Landlord Vs Tenant responsibilities

We are proud to be supporting Gas Safety Week 2019, taking place 16th – 22nd September. The annual Gas Safety week raises awareness of the importance of gas safety and taking care of gas appliances. Badly fitted, or poorly serviced gas appliances can pose a serious health and safety threat. They can cause gas leaks,…

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Engneer gas safe