Five practical Christmas gifts for the most special people in your life.

There’s nothing like receiving personal, thoughtful Christmas gifts from your favourite people – it really makes your bells jingle. And while practical Christmas gifts might not be welcomed in our early years, the more we grow up, the more we appreciate presents, which can be used longer than the two weeks following Christmas. Of course,…

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practical Christmas gifts

How does your wireless room thermostat work?

These days there are numerous options to control the heating and the temperature at your house, including smartphone apps, thermostatic radiator valves, and temperature dials. When it comes to thermostats, there is a wide range to suit every taste, with the main types being digital and mechanical. Digital thermostats have internal components, which assess the…

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smart thermostat

Five most common boiler problems you might face this winter

The boiler is an essential member of the British household, especially during the cold winter months, when it’s normally responsible for securing both your hot shower and comfortable warm home. But winter is also the time when common boiler problems present themselves, sometimes costing hundreds of pounds to unsuspecting homeowners. Some of the most common…

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common boiler problem

Boiler breakdown season is here – now what?

It’s a well-known truth – boilers tend to break in the winter, just before payday, when the temperatures have plummeted down to sub-zero. Winter is undoubtedly known as boiler breakdown season – yet still Brits seem to be unprepared to face it. Although up to 45% have experienced a boiler breakdown in the winter, which…

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boiler breakdown season

Cold weather can damage your house. Here is what you can do

It’s the season for foggy mornings, snowy hills and cosy nights with a cup of hot cocoa in hand. But as beautiful and romantic it can be, the cold weather can damage your house as well. Without realising it, all this snow, rain and frost are not forgiving your house, and might slowly be taking…

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cold weather can damage your house

The perfect temperature for your home might be lower than you think

While just forty years ago the average temperature in the UK’s homes during the winter was 12°C  it is now risen to 18°C, with thermostats set at about 20°C or even higher to meet the “perfect temperature” requirements of this generation. It’s not that we suddenly started shivering more during the winter. The rise of…

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perfect temperature

Meet Lauren Larmour – our October Employee of the Month

October is the time when we really start feeling the pressure and excitement of the upcoming cold season. There is an increased demand for our services, emergency jobs become the norm, and working hard is the daily plan. Our October Employee of the Month knows a lot about diligence and hard work. She’s been working…

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october employee of the month

Boiler repair costs – how much can a repair set you back?

Boiler repair costs are a painful subject for a lot of us. Of course we want our fellow hard-working appliance to last forever but sometimes sickness is inevitable – especially if your boiler is getting older. Although boiler repair costs can vary they will generally fluctuate between £150 to £500. Other factors that can influence…

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boiler repair costs

Toilet talks: Why your toilet is more important than you think?

If your home is your castle the toilet is the throne. It is so important it gets its own World Toilet Day. It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the greatest invention in human history but it should be – the toilet. For hundreds and thousands of…

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