How to tackle a blocked sink?

Blocked sink – we’ve all encountered the horrors of it, the unpleasant smell, the monster-sound of the pipes, as the water drains, and the puddle of waste water which takes a century to drain. OK, maybe it’s not a real horror show, but it’s not what you want to find home after a long workday.…

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blocked sink

Ulanzo Vassell – Rightio’s March Employee of the Month

March came and brought all the sunshine, flowers and the charming smile of our new Employee of the Month – Ulanzo Vassell. Ulanzo is a happy, friendly and always positive member of our Acquisitions team, and it was no surprise that sooner or later her dedication and confidence would win her the Employee of the…

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Employee of the month Ulanzo Vassell

How to look after your garden when on holiday?

The weather is warming up and the flowers are blooming in your garden. The veggies will soon be ready to harvest and the garden is looking like a fresh oasis, perfect for al-fresco dinners and cooling down after a hot day. Then comes the time when you have to leave for a holiday. After a…

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gardening looking after

Simple ways you can help to save our planet

The topic of climate change and global warming has been widely discussed in the recent years, and is becoming more and more pressing as time passes. This year the world was captivated by the schoolgirl Greta Thunberg who was raising awareness of climate issues at the Swedish parliament. While not all of us have the…

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holding a globe for earth day

Teach your kids basic plumbing

Kids love water, that’s no secret. From early ages kids are fascinated and attracted to moving water and its “magical” capabilities of making things flow away, sink or disappear. This fascination includes your household fixtures as well – toilets, sinks, baths and taps. That’s why it’s important to teach kids about basic plumbing from early…

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children plumbing

What does a plumber do? Get to know the trades.

Whether you’re considering your future career options, a career change or just curious about different opportunities, plumbing should be on your list. The sector has a current employee shortage of 30 000, and it’s one of those fields that will hardly suffer a recession, as demand is naturally high. If you had to simply define…

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plumbing work plumber and toilet with a frog

Smart house repair hacks using only household objects

The need of house repairs always arises when we have the least time on our hands. And it can be stressing to deal clogged drains, nail holes and stubborn screws, when you have no experience as a technician or handyman. Still, it doesn’t mean that you should despair. Our 9 hacks will help you deal…

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house repair hacks

How does your house plumbing actually work?

When you turn on the kitchen sink tap, the bath or the shower your plumbing system is working hard to deliver its magic. And although plumbing has been around for thousands of years many people still don’t quite understand how it functions. If you’re one of these people who want to know how your house…

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how your house plumbing actually works

How to keep kids safe at home?

When you grow up, home is the one place when you have most of your adventures, yet feel safe and protected as if nothing can ever happen to you. We’ve all had our injuries as kids, many of them at home and as we grow up we tend to just laugh it off, and forget…

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Family safety how to keep kids safe

Home safety hazards and how to prevent them

Home is the place where we feel most secure and safe, yet even there dangers could be hiding around the corner. According to statistics over 40% of all non-fatal injuries that occur at home, and 1/5 older adults who fall sustain a broken bone or head injury. We never think about potential hazards at home, until…

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home safety girl#s hand in dad#s hands