Toilet talks: Why your toilet is more important than you think?

If your home is your castle the toilet is the throne. It is so important it gets its own World Toilet Day. It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the greatest invention in human history but it should be – the toilet. For hundreds and thousands of…

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How to keep your home warm this winter?

Trying to keep your home warm in the winter can certainly turn into a stressful task when you’re on a budget. While surprising numbers will prefer to put on a jumper or wrap up in a blanket, a lot less would consider draught-proofing their home or making sure the pipework is insulated. Other ways to…

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Plumbing tips every homeowner should know

Whether you just bought your first house, or you’re an experienced homeowner with a few properties under their sleeve, there are some plumbing tips you should know. Problems with your plumbing system are bound to occur at some point, and knowing what to do can be crucial in preventing damage to your property. There are…

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My boiler is leaking – what should I do next?

Finding a boiler leak can really ruin your day, and somehow it always happens at the least convenient time. Although, let’s admit it, who is ever ready to face a leaking boiler without worrying about their budget and safety? The good news is, a boiler leak will rarely pose a danger to your household but…

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Meet Marcus Hopkins – our September Employee of the Month

The season of falling leaves, cold wind and boiler breakdowns has come upon us again, and it is no surprise our teams are busier than ever. And with the kids back to school, and the winter approaching, it’s also the time when the majority of big home renovations take place. It was no surprise that…

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September Employee of the Month
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