Rainwater can damage your home. Here is how to protect it.

Spring is perhaps the most anticipated season of the year. With the warmer weather, colourful flowers, and longer days it’s truly a relief when February is finally over. But if there is anything that can ruin the spring excitement, it’s heavy rain and storms. There is nothing more discouraging than a leaking roof, or damp…

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rainwater can damage your home

7 questions you need to ask before buying old or period property

Buying old or period property has a certain charm attached to it. You get to enjoy fine craftsmanship, detailed work and unique features. It’s a romanticised investment many are ready to make, without careful consideration. If your heart is set on buying a picturesque old house, you’ll most certainly have to reserve some contingency money…

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house on a road, old or period

Upgrade your garden this spring with our 10 fresh ideas.

Spring is on its way and it’s inevitable that you’d want to spend more time outside as the weather warms up. If you’re lucky enough to have your own garden now is just the right time to start thinking about refreshing and upgrading it. Imagine all the barbecue parties, al-fresco dinners and quiet sunsets you…

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Upgrade your garden this spring with our flower ideas

What to look for when buying a new home?

Spring is a great time for buying and selling a property; when the Christmas and half term breaks are over, buyers are in the mood to make changes to their lives. The warmer weather typically kicks things off when we’re all a bit more motivated to get looking for a new property or get the…

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buying a new home and receiving a key

What to consider when installing a garden tap

Spring is the perfect time for garden renovations and upgrades. We all love planning ahead about the flowers we can plant, the new garden lights, or where to put the barbecue, but when it comes to garden maintenance it’s hard to hide the boredom. Mowing the lawn or watering the plants are certainly not the…

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Installed outdoor tap according to regulations

Unveiled: Ross Vale, January Employee of the Month

At the end of last year we set up our Employee of the Month Award, which recognises team members for their continuous efforts and dedication. We wanted a special start to the new 2019, and for this reason our prize for the January Employee of the Month was set as high as £250. Of course…

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Ross Vale, January Employee of the Month

How to spring-clean your gutters?

With spring cleaning, home maintenance tasks and winter bills all piling up, it’s easy to forget that your gutters also need special attention at this time of the year. But make sure to set a reminder and clean your gutters, or you risk serious roofing, wall and foundation issues in the following months. A gutter…

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clean up your gutters in the spring

Prepare your home for the spring in 7 easy steps

Our homes are often neglected in the winter, as we try to save up money or simply lack motivation in the freezing temperatures. But once the snow starts melting and the first spring rains come, it’s time to prepare your house for the new season. Start with the exterior – have a walk around your…

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air and prepare your home for the spring

Essential life skills to teach your children during the school holidays

There’s never a wrong time to start teaching your children life skills. Quite the opposite – the earlier you start, the better. Finding the spare time to do it is not as easy. Children lead a busy life, occupied with school, extra-curricula activities, homework and friends. 24 hours a day are just not enough! That’s…

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Teach kids to help with chores and housework

Practical and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her

All couples celebrate Valentine’s Day differently – some prefer a quiet movie night with snacks, some go all out with enormous bouquets, expensive jewellery and big nights out. Whatever your preferences we’d always encourage you to think of the future when buying presents for your beloved one. Invest in gifts, which your partner can make…

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Valentine's Day thoughtful and practical presents