The most common problems caused by snow

We are all excited about the possibility of a snowfall until it actually happens. Once the snowflakes start falling and it’s time to get to work in the morning, the reality of snow-covered roads and icy driveways is not quite as appealing. And the problems aren’t just confined to the outside. More often than not…

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frozen tree branch because of snow

How to help the elderly and vulnerable this winter?

The winter season is challenging in many ways: from increasing bills to unexpected breakages and lingering coughs and colds. But situations, which cause temporary discomfort for the regular person can be extremely difficult and even dangerous for the elderly and vulnerable. A beautiful snowfall, covering the city with a white blanket usually leads to a…

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Daughter helping elderly vulnerable dad to stay in touch

Is it worth investing in a household repair plan?

Repair plans can often be a saving grace in very expensive emergency situations or seem like a waste of money with other providers. If you decide to do your own research and check the popular forums you’ll probably end up more confused than when you started. Although Rightio’s Care Club home maintenance plans include unlimited…

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Child and grandma choosing a household

10 little-known energy saving secrets

Saving energy is not only great for the household bills, but it benefits the environment as well. When we dedicate to cutting down on our energy usage, we consume less natural resources and reduce pollution at the same time! Of course, we all know the major rules; choose energy saving lightbulbs, switch off plugs and…

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Energy saving led light bulb on white background

How to deal with a frozen condensate pipe?

Frozen condensate pipes are usually the culprit behind your malfunctioning boiler and heating system during the coldest months of the year. All new boilers, installed in the last 10 years are condensate boilers because of a change in the law regulations. These boilers are better for the environment and more cost-efficient but their condensate pipes…

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Engineer fixing boiler because of frozen condensate pipe

What is the Eco-Mode setting on your boiler and why does it matter?

Go green for 2019 is the lifestyle movement we all want to follow in the New Year. This includes thinking about sustainability, switching to energy-efficient appliances and reducing our water usage. In the quest of reducing environmental impact, many modern boilers now come with an “Eco Mode” setting. But if you just moved into a…

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Eco friendly heart shaped hands around tree

Are Your Heating Bills Going up Because of These 6 Common Myths?

It’s February and running between work, the car and home has become a national sport. No one wants to stay out in the cold a second more than necessary. Once you reach home, the thermostat is cranked up to maximum, curtains are frantically closed and you wish you could hide yourself in this comfortable cave…

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The return of the Beast from the East

Another “Beast from the East” could be heading our way as early as the third week of 2019. The Met office experts have confirmed that a phenomenon known as sudden stratospheric warming, which is associated with periods of extremely cold weather, is currently taking place high in the stratosphere above the Arctic. This was exactly…

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man shovelling snow driveway

11 Signs Your Broken Boiler Might Need Replacing

Do you have a broken boiler? If a man’s home is his castle, the boiler would be his hardest working servant. A regular household boiler is responsible for about 60% of the energy bills but often remains under-appreciated. A broken boiler can cause mayhem in the everyday routine – with no heating and hot water,…

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re-pressuirise your boiler with our easy advice

Get your Home Winter ready in 8 steps

Although we’ve enjoyed a relatively mild December, without any snow, winter is still sure to strike when we least expect it. Preparing the house for the dropping temperatures is a task no one is looking forward to, especially around the school holidays. Having a few days off and the crisp, refreshing weather is the perfect…

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cartoon house in snow