5 perfect (and useful) gifts for your best friend

Best friends make the world a brighter place. Whether you’ve known each other since kindergarten, or met a few months ago, this is a bond like no other. But when it feels like you’ve known someone forever sometimes surprising them is the hardest thing to do. When you’ve shared so much with your best friend,…

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girl giving gift to her best friend

Your household appliances might be harming the environment

As a society we are increasingly becoming aware of the impact our everyday decisions and consumer habits have on the environment. While 20 or 30 years ago we might have not considered the long term environmental impact of plastic packaging or transporting goods from far away, today the situation has changed. We increasingly evaluate the…

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environment harming appliances

Let’s talk about leg problems in the skilled trades industry.

Working in the trades can be really rewarding – both emotionally, when you help people in various states of despair over household breakdowns, and financially. In fact, demand[1] for plumbers is expected to rise by 21% until 2022 vs 11% across occupations. The health and safety risks associated with plumbing and working in the trades…

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trades problems #LEgsAwarenessWeek

Meet Rightio’s April Employee of the Month –Roxana Moroianu

Since Rightio’s  Employee of the Month award was established half-an-year ago, we’ve had a real mix of personalities getting their hands on it. Our Marketing, Logistics and Acquisitions departments have all been represented, and we can only hope (and bet) the rest of the teams will have their own representative on the board soon. As…

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Rxana Moroianu April Employee of the Month

How to cool down your house?

The weather is warming up and so is your home. There’s less and less need to turn the radiators on, and more often than not you come home to stuffy air and heated rooms. Britain is not warm enough to push the general population into investing in an air conditioner.  Yet our houses still absorb…

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How to tell if your barbecue is plotting to kill you?

The long-waited time for barbecues and outdoor dinners has finally come and we couldn’t be more excited. The freezer is stocked, the bottles are cooling and the friends are invited. Really, nothing could possibly go wrong. Or maybe it can. The barbecue, the star of the show, might have some sinister plans, especially if you…

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barbecue can be dangerous

What does a Locksmith do?

Locksmithing is one of the oldest professions in the world, dating back approximately 4000 years. It’s origins can be traced back to ancient Egypt, and rumour has it Pharaoh Khafre (the one whose face is on the Sphynx) had a keen interest in locksmithing. Well, if it was good enough for the Pharaoh… While locksmithing…

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Get the garden ready for BBQ season in 6 easy steps

Rising temperatures, longer days and bank holidays, it is quite clear – the time has come for alfresco season. The back garden becomes just an additional room to the house and patio doors are kept permanently open. As BBQ parties, or just late dinners in the garden become the norm, there is not much time…

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barbecue garden alfresco

5 thoughtful gifts, just in time for the Wedding Season

Once the temperatures start rising and the summer dresses are taken out of the storage boxes and put back into the wardrobe you know wedding season is on the way. With it come all sorts of decisions that need to be made – what to wear, whether to travel or not, and most importantly –…

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wedding presents

What does your Electrician do, exactly?

When you turn on the TV, refridgerator, laptop, washing machine they all start working because of electricity. But when something breaks down, it might as well just be by magic, as few of us can do more than replace a lightbulb. The reality is, even if you do have some knowledge of electricity, it’s still…

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what electrician does